Gallery Delight yourself with some of our dishes


Roasted pork’s leg

We were the first ones in showing the roasting of the pork’s leg. It is now an essential element in the restaurants and cafes of Tenerife.


Grilled arepas

The Venezuelan traditional dish is always served grilled. Canaima was a pioneer throughout the Canaries in doing so, unlike its fried version.



As it could not be otherwise, in our restaurant we prepare the most varied fruit smoothies, both of tropical and Mediterranean origin.


Spacious and cozy atmosphere

One of our main goals is to serve customers in the best possible environment. For this, we have put special attention on decorating the dining room with elements such as wood and stone, which ensure a relaxed stay in to enjoy our food.


Assorted sandwiches

This is another of our specialties: The sandwiches, which you can order with anything you like: chicken, loin, ham, cheese, tortilla, etc.


Spanish cuisine specialties

Every day, we elaborate a menu with dishes like rice, pasta, salads, meats, fish, etc.



In no restaurant can you miss a menu of homemade desserts. In Canaima, besides the traditional ones, you will find quesillo, arroz con leche, cheesecake and many others.