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hors d’oeuvres

Roasted pork
with peppers12.00€
Huevos estrellados (crushed eggs)
diced fries, chorizo and eggs9.00€
Revuelto (specialties with scrambled eggs)
shredded beef8.00€
Cheese fingers11.00€


jamón serrano
with tomato spread, if you prefer 2.50€
with cheese3.00€
Pulled chicken Canaima style
with mayonnaise and avocado3.50€
pork loin
with cheese3.50€

arepas (grilled)

baked pork leg
with cheese3.00€
Reina pepiada
pulled chicken with mayonnaise and avocado3.50€
perico (o Revoltillo)
scrambled eggs with tomato and onion2.80€
shredded beef
with cheese3.50€